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Life at MARAZONE Training college is not just about gaining formal qualifications and skills, it is also about having fun and acquiring new social experiences, which broaden your horizons and make you a better person after completion of your programme. While at MARAZONE Training college you will have an opportunity to participate in various sports and recreation activities either as an individual or as part of a team.

The College has hostels having carrying capacity of xxxx students. A room is shared by a number of students ranging from 4 to 6. There is neither accommodation provision for married couples nor pregnant students for the time being.

Religious Activities
Facilities and services for religious activities are not available for the time being but students are free to use classrooms and multipurpose hall for their religious interest. They are also allowed to invite their religious leaders to serve their interest at the campus.

Catering Services
The college cafeteria is responsible for preparing and serving meals to full time students. Students are required to have their own eating utensils such as cups, spoons, plate and folks. The catering service is also offered to conference and seminar participants.

Games and Sports
The college has some games and sports facilities such as football, netball and volleyball grounds. Students can therefore participate in soccer (football), netball and volleyball.

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